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SignalR with Silverlight 5

SignalR is truly an amazing API. It’s ridiculously easy to use. The majority of SignalR client examples that I see on the web are for HTML/JS or WPF. There are examples for Silverlight but for older version of SignalR and Silverlight. What I was hoping to find was a step by step example using VS2k12, SL5 and latest greatest Nuget Packages. Since I could not find one, I thought I would create one and share. This step by step was highly inspired by the samples found here:


Setting up the Solution

Recommend you download the code and follow along. In Visual Studio 2012, create a new Silverlight 5 application called “SilverlightClientSignalR” as seen below. Continue reading


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Technology in movies/shows that make you cringe…

Scott Hanselman’s blog is one of my favorites.  His post today I found hilarious.  Scott has collected small clips of various famous movies and tv shows showcasing “technology”.  I literally cringed at a couple of them.

Technology fails in film are the new Wilhelm Scream


Fast Food Drive-Thru, 2 lanes faster than 1?

Have you noticed that many of the new fast food restaurants have 2 drive-thru lanes.  My first experience with one I thought “wow, really?”.  I found myself frozen with confusion.   My wife saved me by pointing to the left lane.  Similar to choosing a restaurant or a movie, I now can blame her if the car behind me gets the food first.

My car reached the ordering sign.  I am terrible at ordering fast food.  Even though I drive 99% of the time, my wife will lean over me and shout the order through my window.  There are just too many details my over-indulged kids care about that the make the process too complicated.  Have you ever communicated the perfect order only to be replied with “sir, can you repeat that?”.  AHHH.

To my surprise, I noticed all cars converge on a single “pay” window.  2 lanes should be faster than one, right?  I thought it would be interesting to model the typical fast food drive-thru process comparing 1 versus 2 lanes.  Before sharing the results of my simulation model, I wanted to poll what you think.

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Window 8 Store stats

The company I work for is in the process of evaluating bringing our IP to the Windows 8 app stores.  I found this update very interesting and thought I would share.


State of the Windows Store on December 2012: number of apps, average price, popular categories