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Database(s) used by the big boys

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You ever wondered what database the big boys use?  Yeah, me too.  Below you will find a table listing what I “think” they are based upon internet research (forums, job listings, etc).  This list might be incorrect and if so I apologize.

Application/Website Database1 Database2
Twitter MySQL Cassandra
YouTube BigTable MySQL
MySpace MS SQL Server  
Wikipedia MySQL  
Facebook.com Hive Cassandra
LinkedIn Oracle MySQL
Digg.com MySQL MemcacheDB 
StackOverflow.com MS SQL Server  
Microsoft.com MS SQL Server  
Yahoo.com PostgreSQL  
Flickr MySQL  
Google BigTable  
PlentyOfFish.com MS SQL Server  
Friendster MySQL  
ESPN Oracle  
Amazon Oracle SimpleDB
Ancestry.com Hive MySQL





Author: Dan Hickman

Chief Technology Officer ProModel Corporation

One thought on “Database(s) used by the big boys

  1. I knew little bit about hive, but not others. good to know.

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