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Building a LOB Gamification Service Administration Website: Simulation


Welcome back to the LOB Gamification Series.  The previous post is Part 1.

ProModel has a portfolio of LOB enterprise software and I thought it would be interesting to explain gamification by looking at integrating gamification into the ProModel LOB application.

Below you see a Microsoft Visio diagram of using ProModel.

As you can see in the diagram, users begin by first launching the application.  The next step the user can either create a new model (document) or open an existing model.   The details of the steps are not important and one can easily substitute another process diagram from another software product.

The flow a user takes through a product is dependent on their rights and roles within the system.  Enterprise modeling using ProModel might have roles such as Model Builder, Data Analyst, Scenario Builder, Report Creator, etc.

The more users use the software, the more proficient they become at certain tasks within the software.

You will notice a lightning bolt on several tasks within the diagram.

The lightning bolts represent Gamification Actions place on a software feature. I defined these Gamification Actions to help me quantify:

  • Who my most proficient users of this feature are.
  • How often users use this feature.
  • Encouraging users to use a feature.

So let’s say we have 3 users:  Rockford, Fabio and myself.  Let’s simulate these 3 users using ProModel simulation software.  It is sort of like pointing a mirror at a mirror….its a simulation of a simulation 🙂

The video shows the Visio diagram being brought to life by Process Simulator.   I coded in different behaviors for each of the 3 users.  Rockford and I were modeled as “Model Builders” and Fabio was coded as a “Report Viewer”.  I also coded in the probability of a model needing resources or external files.

Every time the user crossed a lightning bolt Action, the user received some points toward a Proficiency. A single Action might give points to multiple Proficiencies.  A single Proficiency can earn points through various ActionsProficiencies have different Levels.  As users earn points within a Proficiency, the user “levels up” that Proficiency.  Leveling up typically gives badges and other rewards.

I have added a Proficiency Leaderboard showing the points for each users. Leaderboards create a hopefully healthy competition and encourage the user to use certain features.  New users might reach out to a highly proficient user for guidance or help.

Users should be able to drill into a Proficiency and see a list of the Actions that earn points.  Each Action could have context sensitive help as well as video demonstrations.  I feel this could be a far superior way of training users.

In the next part within this series, I will finally get to some coding examples followed by some UI mockups.


Author: Dan Hickman

Chief Technology Officer ProModel Corporation

2 thoughts on “Building a LOB Gamification Service Administration Website: Simulation

  1. Dan Love the idea..

  2. Thanks Keith. Yesterday i saw a SaleForce.com gamification app on the AppExchange that rewards salemen for qualifying leads and properly using Salesforce. Once i finish this up, we should give that a try 🙂

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