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Before I give my Microsoft Surface review, I wanted to dispel the rumors of any blind love for Microsoft and/or Apple.  You see, 4 years ago, I was accused of being an Apple fanboy.  In the last 2 years, I am now accused of being a Microsoft fanboy.  I can’t win.  I am definitely a fanboy of innovation and certainly both companies have some winners and losers.

Why people thought I was an Apple fanboy

At the executive level at ProModel, I was the first and I still believe only owner of an iPhone.

Prior to the iPhone, I was using the HTC Tilt.  A couple of my friends had an iPhone and let me mess around with it.  I was blown away and I immediately threw the terrible Tilt away in exchange for the iPhone.  I was enamored with this beautiful device and shared my excitement to those using a crappy Windows Mobile phone.  I guess since I felt Apple’s innovation deserved my money and I refused to suffer with a sucky phone, I must be an Apple fanboy.  I would defend my non-Microsoft phone decision with “when Microsoft makes a phone 80% as good as the iPhone, I will buy it”.  I can’t emphasize how much harassment using the iPhone brought on me.

Why people think I am a Microsoft fanboy.


Several years of owning an iPhone, several friends had a Windows Phone 7.  Again I played with the device.  Had I never used an iPhone before, I would have been blown away.  WP7 was slick and to the credit of Microsoft, had innovated in some areas.   As the world was clamoring over smaller and thinner phones, I actually wanted something bigger.  I spotted the WP7 HTC Titan with its large screen.  WP7 apps were written in Silverlight and I thought it might be fun to make an application for it.

I gave my iPhone to my daughter and I presently still use the WP7 Titan.  I love this phone.  I feel I have missed nothing from my iPhone.

RC Cola

Being a WP7 owner is sort of like declaring your favorite soda is RC.  As the world argues over Pepsi versus Coke, you are the weirdo sipping on RC.  WP7 is not even in the discussion.  I believe that people feel the only reason one could own a WP7 is if that person is an old crusty MS fanboy.  WP7 is a GREAT phone.  It does some things better than the iPhone but also some things worse.

I do love me some Apple products.

Below are all the Apple products I own.  2 iPads, 3 iPhones, 1 Touch, 2 Nanos and an original iPod.

I do love Microsoft.

I wanted to use my Microsoft Surface for at least a week before giving a knee jerk reaction review.  I am an avid iPad user and I was aware I would have to unlearn Apple’s vision of how someone interacts with a tablet in favor of Microsoft’s.  Promise to be back soon with my review.


Author: Dan Hickman

Chief Technology Officer ProModel Corporation

One thought on “Reveal thy fanboyism!

  1. I must be a TAB drinker… Recently I had an unfortunate DROID issue and borrowed an old beat up Blackberry…. it was just to get me by as I was trying to find the DROID I was looking for… I have become, much to my chagrin, a Blackberry girl… my husband says it goes along with my “amish” ways, as when he and I met I still had VHS tapes, Cassettes and well, gasp, dial up AOL on a hand me down Gateway… there ends my deep dark confessional….

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