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Lefty Simian Line


Me:  Hey Mom, this is Dan.  I am doing a blog and something interesting I think about me is the story you shared about my monkey palm.  Since I never let the truth stand in the way of good story, thought I would interview you so people know your version and not mine.

Mom:  Oh, sure honey.  What do you need to know?

Me:  What happened when I was born?

Mom:  Well, your head was super lopsided.  It was pretty big too.  I think the doctors used the word deformity to describe it.

Me:  Umm…ok, don’t hold back.

Mom: It was really spooky.  The deformity was so bad that the doctors felt you would have serious learning disabilities.  The doctor performed a bunch of tests like throwing you in the air and other reaction tests.  You must have failed.

Me:  Why?

Mom:  Well, they decided we needed to see a lopsided head specialist.

Me:  Funny!

Mom:  No seriously.  He sent us to see some specialist located in downtown Detroit.   The specialists performed more tests.  We probably did 4 different visits.

Me:  Were you allowed to take me home during all this?

Mom:  Oh yeah, you were at home the whole time.  Your dad and I were constantly rubbing your head to try to give it a normal shape.  When you slept, we pinned you between pillows to force you to lay on one side.

Me:  I have found that if I sleep on one side of my head versus another, I have much different dreams and thoughts.  Possibly related…

Mom: Doubt it.  On the last visit a foreign speaking doctor looked at your palm.  He said you had a very unique line on your hand.  <puts phone down and I can overhear her asking my dad something>  He called the line something like a monkey palm.  The doctor shared with us the potential good news and bad news of what the monkey palm could mean.

Me:  What do you mean Monkey Palm?

Mom:  One of your hands has a line that goes directly across your palm.  Most people have 2 lines that break in the middle.

Simian Line 1

My lefty simian line

Mom:  We were already preparing emotionally for the potential bad so the fact that this line could mean something positive was very uplifting for us.  It gave us hope.  The whole monkey palm freaked me out since, as you know, you were named after a monkey.

Me:  What???

Mom:  I told you this before.  At the Detroit Zoo, there was this monkey that totally loved me.  Whenever I came into the monkey’s view, he would get super excited.  It was hilarious.  The monkey’s name was Danny.  I needed a name that started with D.  I often wondered if your monkey palm was a gift from Danny.

Me:  I could not make this up if I tried!

Mom:  Your lopsided head is why I never cut your hair.  Fortunately you had the most adorable curly hair that really hid the deformity.

Me:  Yeah, lucky for me!

That is pretty close to how the phone conversation went.  I had heard the story before but forced her to retell it.  The real name for the line on my palm is Simian Line.  I am a lefty simian line.  I don’t take it serious but do find it very entertaining.

The best site I have found is here: http://www.humanhand.com/simian.html

Simian versus Normal

Simian versus Normal

“In some cases the lines of Heart and Head are not separate at all, but join together to form one line running straight across the entire palm. This is known as the Simian Line. (Also called the “Simian Crease”, “Simian Fold”, and “Transverse Palmar Crease”)

When the Simian Line occurs, the “Great Quadrangle” is entirely missing. There is no distinction between what is desired (the Heart) and what is thought (the Head). The result is an incredible intensity of nature, but a strong tendency to rush into all things without thinking them through.

Also note that without the Great Quadrangle, we have a completely closed-minded individual. Because they are so focussed on a particular thought, all else is excluded.

In another possible appearance of the Simian Line, the lines of Head, Heart, and Life are all joined. All the above traits apply, but even more intensely, since there is now no distinction between the thoughts, desires, and life itself.
The Simian Line gives the ability to focus on one thing, absolutely, to the exclusion of all else. These people generally achieve and accomplish far more than most, developing techniques and inventions that will last for generations. They also experience far more misfortune than most, usually due to the same intensity that drives them. A truly double-edged sword.”
If you are intrigued, check these sights out.





Author: Dan Hickman

Chief Technology Officer ProModel Corporation

2 thoughts on “Lefty Simian Line

  1. All i can say to this post is WOW 🙂

  2. Looks like a story for Brian Brown and the crew….that is crazy funny….

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